Teachers' 'Les Miserables' Flash Mob Will Have You On Your Feet

OK. Now we're excited to go back to school.

If you think school is boring at times, you should see the meetings your teachers have to sit through. Before you set foot in their classroom, they're already on campus organizing their rooms and attending lectures on boring things like state guidelines and standardized testing.

But some teachers in West Des Moines, Iowa, found a brilliant and show-stopping way to break up the monotony of pre-session meetings, while dealing with the stress of rushing to get ready for their students. A routine meeting (complete with glazed over expressions from several teachers in attendance), becomes a performance fit for Broadway when one teacher spontaneously takes to the stage and begins singing a teacher-themed parody of "One Day More" from "Les Miserables." (A perfect choice, considering that the teachers had just one day more until their pupils arrived.)

What follows is a beautifully harmonized rendition of the song that shows off just how talented the teachers in the West Des Moines school district are. Check it out for yourself here:

Can they work up something from "Wicked" for our next chemistry lesson please? Thanks.