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Kate Moss’ Latest Magazine Cover Is A Gloriously Awkward Childhood Photo

See? Even Kate once had a regrettable haircut.

It’s hardly surprising that Kate Moss is on a new magazine cover. Scoring that kind of gig is something that’s probably second nature to the 41-year-old supermodel by now — in fact, she’s probably been asked to cover two MORE mags in the time it took you to read this sentence.

But just when you thought you’ve seen Kate model every kind of outfit and strike every kind of pose that could possibly exist, along comes the inaugural issue of L’Officiel Spain. Instead of splurging on some fancy Euro-chic photoshoot, the new mag opted to feature the ultimate #TBT snap, showing Kate in all her awkward preteen glory.

That gap-toothed grin! That full, ‘80s-tastic fringe! Yep, even THE Kate Moss was once a regular English school girl, posing for a stiff yearbook pic like all the rest of us have done. There’s comfort in that solidarity, amirite?

The issue hits newsstands on Sep. 1 and cheekily features a list of other famous Kates, including Washington Post publisher Katherine Graham and actress Tilda Swinton (fun fact: her real name is actually Katherine Mathilda “Tilda” Swinton).

Honestly, we’d like to petition for every famous model to put their most awkward childhood pics on international magazine covers. Just TRY to tell us 2008-era Kendall Jenner isn’t covergirl-worthy.

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