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Watch Mike Jones (Who?) Rap About Locksmiths In A Hilarious New Ad

Yes, he's still putting phone numbers in rhymes.

Mike Jones made his name in the 2000s as a prominent rapper out of Texas and now he’s making a splash...with a jingle.

The Who Is Mike Jones? MC appears in a new ad for LockedOut, a company that calls itself an Uber for locksmiths. And in a hilarious video, Jones delivers in classic fashion. "The locksmith industry is f—ked up,” he rhymes in the ad. “Scam artists show customers no love/ Quote $35, but charge $200/ What the f—k is this? Don’t nobody want it.”

MTV News received an exclusive statement from LockedOut’s founder Ray Wang, who explained why Mike Jones was the perfect man for this gig.

"The founder team at LockedOut are all fans of Mike Jones' music,” he said in a statement. "Mike Jones is known for dropping his name in his songs and also giving out his phone number. We thought this personal style fit what we wanted to do with this video. We wanted to put our name out there and also integrate our phone number so users can reach us easily. His swag and ability to lay down a catchy hook also made his musical style a perfect fit.”

LockedOut isn't alone in its appreciation for Jones. You may recall the rapper did a similarly peculiar Super Bowl ad for a lawyer named Mark Jones earlier this year.

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