Presenting The Most Animated Birthday Card Dylan O'Brien Could Possibly Receive

Happy b-day, big guy! Love, MTV.

Sure, we could easily come up with 24 reasons why we love Dylan O'Brien (aka Stiles from "Teen Wolf," duh) in honor of his 24th birthday today, but that would be too easy. There's already this list, and that one and this one. Oh, and of course there's this fun DOB eye candy — but that's more like a present for us!

Instead, we had the oh-so talented artists here at MTV take out their drawing pencils and sketch a little love clip to our beloved O'Brien. It's chock full of iconic "Teen Wolf" scenes featuring the one and only M. Stiles Stilinski, like THIS ONE:

Oh, to be a salty curly fry in the mouth of that man... sigh.

The "TW" Jeep — in all its duct-tape glory — also makes a sweet cameo in Dylan's animated birthday card, though judging from Monday's night's summer finale, the iconic vehicle (and its fan-made Twitter account!) just might be dunzo. Anyway. This isn't about our confusion over Monday's ep or our love for a material object on wheels — today's all about YOU, Dylan! So go watch tonight's Mets game against the Phillies and bask in the love of your fans.

Speaking of fans... ahem, check out the clip, then send your birthday best to DOB in the comments!