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Remember What Happened The Last Time Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Performed At The VMAs?

It was a moving one.

After a one-year break, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are about to return to the VMA stage -- and if their last time around is any indication, then they've got a treat in store for fans.

While there's plenty of justifiable excitement for what's to come later this week, let's take it back for just a second.

In August 2013, "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us" were still huge singles, but rather than perform either of those, the duo decided to offer a live, televised rendition of "Same Love." With collaborator Mary Lambert in tow, the Brooklyn-based performance was just as moving as the song itself -- and got an added boost when Jennifer Hudson came out for a surprise collab near the end.

So, what do the fellas have on tap this year?

We'll know for sure on Sunday, but it feels safe to assume that they'll be gifting fans with a first-time performance. Earlier this month, they released "Growing Up," featuring Ed Sheeran, where Macklemore speaks to his newborn daughter. Plus, on Twitter this week, he's been advertising something called "Downtown," which, according to the countdown clock is due on Thursday.

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