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5SOS Finally Cleared Up That Age-Old Debate: Chicken Nuggets Or Hamburgers?

And they shared some stuff about touring or whatever, too.

On Tuesday, 5 Seconds Of Summer took to Twitter to answer a slew of fan questions using the hashtag #ask5sos. We know these dudes, and we know how devoted their fans are -- currently, the band sits at No. 1 in our VMA Song Of The Summer competition for "She's Kinda Hot" -- so we knew what we were in for. Or so we thought.

Michael and Ashton wasted no time diving right into the hard-hitting questions.

The band has a new album due out in October (Sounds Good Feels Good), so naturally some fans were interested in the dirty deets.

Some fans showed their most sincere appreciation with some amateur-produced masterworks...

...and 5SOS responded in kind, then shared a bit about their personal influences.

But most importantly, 5SOS repeatedly touched on the one issue they know best: fine dining.

(To be fair, there IS no answer to that question, because the answer is both. Forever and always.)

If you're a 5SOSer, you might be able to catch the band on additional social media channels soon.

Thanks for the answers, 5SOS. We learned a lot.