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Pay Tribute To Aaliyah With These 19 Gorgeous Pieces Of Fan Art

Fans of the late 'R&B princess' paid tribute to her on the 14th anniversary of her death.

Fourteen years ago today (Aug. 25), the world lost an angel. Aaliyah’s life was tragically cut short when she was killed in a plane crash at the age of 22, but the singer-actress left behind an impressive legacy that cements her status as the true “Princess of R&B.”

Because her youth is frozen in time, we’ll always picture Aaliyah in a specific way: that swoop of flowing hair covering one eye while the other fixates on you with an alluring mystique — the very kind that translated into her music.

Today, several Aaliyah fans commemorated the 14th anniversary of her death by capturing that signature look — as well as their own creative renderings of her image — by lovingly sharing handmade portraits of her. Check out these 19 gorgeous examples:

  1. This stunning portrait is perfect in every way.
  2. This one beautifully captures the sparkle in her eye.
  3. Here she is looking strong and sensual.
  4. A new petition campaigning for Aaliyah to become the face of a new MAC campaign has started circulating. If this illustration is any indication, it would undoubtedly be gorgeous.
  5. This heartbreaking one imagines her with her friend Tupac after death.
  6. Here's a tribute to her amazing style.
  7. This badass illustration remembers her collaborations with Tommy Hilfiger and Moschino.
  8. We're seeing double with this image of an Aaliyah lookalike posing with an Aaliyah drawing.
  9. This intricate illustration is a color-popping tribute.
  10. But even a simple, colorless sketch is just as pretty.
  11. This one pays tribute to Aaliyah and Timbaland's relationship.
  12. This fashion-focused one also remembers some of her most classic designs.
  13. This one expertly reminds us why she was nicknamed "baby girl."
  14. Here she is with that infamous hair swoop.
  15. But sometimes she opted for the wind-blown look, as seen in this glam design.
  16. This one sweetly imagines Aaliyah as an angel.
  17. And this lovely Photoshop design imagines her looking down from above.
  18. Swooped hair, transfixing gaze, bold lips -- it's all here.
  19. Simple but poignant. R.I.P. Aaliyah.