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Yelawolf Is Facing Backlash After Defending The Confederate Flag

Yelawolf faces criticism for his message.

As debate surrounding the Confederate flag intensifies, Yelawolf is defending his appreciation for "his roots."

“Ain’t no way I’m letting someone’s ignorance tear me from my roots,” the Shady Records MC said in a social media post featuring a photo of a Confederate flag being burned. “You f—king f—k boys can save it with this anti Dixie sh-t.”

The lengthy caption posted Monday (Aug. 24) went on to celebrate the flag being used by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Lil’ Jon, among others. Today, he also posted a photo of Andre 3000 wearing the symbol on his belt buckle.

Yela's opinion has received mixed reactions. While some of the rapper/singer's followers co-signed his message, many others disagreed. Fellow rapper Talib Kweli, for instance, replied by asking Yela to “have respect.”

Others criticized Yela and some even called for a boycott.

The flag has long been a source of debate, and this year, controversy continued to surround its usage after photographs emerged featuring suspected Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof posing with the flag. Soon after, Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney backed those who opposed the flag being raised in South Carolina's capitol building. President Obama retweeted the post and called it a "good point."

Others have echoed these sentiments. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, for instance, has called it a "symbol of hate." Elsewhere, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush called the flag "racist."