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Selena Gomez Has An Important Message For The Media

She's tired of the same story written about her.

Selena Gomez has a message for the media: Stop rewriting the same story about her. She's not 16 anymore.

The "Good For You" singer took to Twitter on Monday night after the Sunday Times released their interview with her with some redundant story lines:

"Disappointing seeing interviews I've done recently that sound like the exact same interview I did when I was 16..." Selena wrote about the cover story, which blatantly ties her to Justin Bieber.

We see this time and again -- a successful woman's story gets wrapped up with her ex, as if she can't be in control of her own narrative. For Selena, it's been going on for years, and recently, Little Mix member Perrie Edwards can't be named in a headline without also naming her ex-fiance Zayn Malik -- whether his inclusion in the story is relevant or not. Suki Waterhouse, who was also profiled by the Sunday Times, also spoke out about this after her story's headline included ex Bradley Cooper.

But Selena is ready to move past the public's fixation with her high-profile relationships, and instead wants to focus on her upcoming album, Revival, due out Oct. 9.

A word of warning to those who will be covering her music in the future, though: She's her own woman, and she doesn't need your stale fantasies projected on to her.