22 Celebs Who NAILED Their Twitter Bios

Well played, everyone.

Coming up with the perfect Twitter bio can be a nerve-wracking experience. Millions of people (OK, probably not, but a person can dream) will see your 160-character bio and sum up how they feel about you. It's pretty much the equivalent of meeting a person for the first time and them giving you the once-over.

Personally, my Twitter bio is ehh. It gives a shout out to blink-182 bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus (hi, Mark), but I wouldn't deem it OMG BEST BIO EVER. However, these 22 celebs took their fame/famous characters and produced some pretty LOL bios.

  1. The answer: yeah, kinda. #BowlCutsFTW

  2. What in God's name are "random acts of Shaqness"? No idea, but I'd definitely like to find out.

  3. The "Lizzie McGuire" heartthrob took his character's hilariously ridiculous line and made it his bio — and don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about.

  4. When in doubt, always name drop. Always.

  5. If you name drop, they might just name drop you back.

  6. The creator of like 750,000 TV shows is gettin' real tired of your sh*t, people.

  7. Gretchen Wieners's dad may have invented the Toaster Strudel, but Lacey only wishes hers did.

  8. Continuing with the "Mean Girls" cast, it looks like Jonathan took Regina George's advice to heart, based on his current profile pic.

  9. Clearly, Gabourey has been on the internet once or twice. That, or she's BFF with Grumpy Cat.

  10. So much shade, Dylan. So much shade. Also, that profile pic is GOLD.

  11. He legit spelled out the whole name. Amazing.

  12. Her eyebrow game is always #OnFleek, so the title of "eyebrow enthusiast" fits her to a T.

  13. I expected some kind of Olaf summer pun, but this works, too. Also, LOL at his location.

  14. The "American Pie" and "Orange Is the New Black" star doesn't beat around the bush.

  15. Just in case you forgot whose Twitter you were on...

  16. The "Lost" and "Bates Motel" star isn't afraid to tell you where he's coming from in life.

  17. I'm not even sure what that means, but it sounds amazing.

  18. Compliment + "The Goonies" reference = win

  19. Take THAT, 160 character rule.

  20. Well, he did tell us.

  21. The answer: no.

  22. You win, Iron Man. You win.