Guess Who Watched 'Fear The Walking Dead?' Everyone

The show broke cable records in its premiere.

Breaking ratings records is nothing new for "The Walking Dead," which has dominated not just cable, but regular ol' broadcast TV for about three years now. But "Fear The Walking Dead" may give its parent a run for its money, because it just broke the record for number of viewers for the premiere of a cable TV show.

Specifically, "FTWD" was watched by 10.1 million viewers in its premiere, 6.3 million in the coveted (by advertisers) 18-49 demographic.

That's a whole lot of people, enough to fill out a zombie horde and then some... Though it doesn't quite touch the insane heights that "The Walking Dead" reached in its fifth season. That series premiered with 17.3 million viewers, and ended with 15.8 million.

It's close, though -- and it should be noted that "Fear" out-rated every episode in the first two seasons of "Walking Dead," as well as a good chunk of the third season. If the spin-off follows the pattern of the original, it should only grow over the next few weeks.

That said, given a mixed reaction (we loved it, some fans were not so sure), and no clear break-out a la Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), the future is very much in flux for the show -- even if the story of where the show is going (i.e., zombie apocalypse) is certain.

It's clear, though, that "The Walking Dead" in any form is a juggernaut, and here to stay. Things are definitely looking up for the sixth season this Fall...