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This 'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Video Shows You That It Was Kinda Obvious Who A Was All Along

All hail Marlene King, ruler of the long con.

"Pretty Little Liars" fans: Are you still reeling from the fact that Cece is "A"? Do you wake up in a cold sweat some nights wondering how you could have missed the clues? Still think it's Wren even though the show confirmed it isn't?

Well, this fan made video by Phaedra Joyce is here to show you just how clear it was that CeCe was PLL's big bad all along.

"So, now we know. CeCe Drake is A, bitches! As it should be," Joyce starts in her video, "but there are still people who are very confused by the finale and think Wren was intended to be A and the finale was refilmed when those spoilers leaked. Today I will prove that it was indeed CeCe all along and the clues were right in front of you. Some of them [were] dreadfully obvious."

And she's totally right about that. One of the more obvious clues: the ending scene of season 9's episode "Last Dance" where Alison is kidnapped by A/Charles/CeCe ... is one we have seen before.

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All the way back in season 6, during the Christmas special, "How the 'A' Stole Christmas," Alison runs into CeCe at the Ice Ball -- and the scenes are almost frame-by-frame identical to each other. While that clue was a little late in the game, there are other, earlier clues -- of which there are a whopping eleven -- that are also totally face-palm worthy.

Watch the full video below.