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Zac Efron's Head Isn't In The Game When He Can't Identify A 'High School Musical' Song

It's "Breaking Free," Zac!

During the promotion of his new film "We Are Your Friends," Zac Efron sat down with Cosmopolitan UK to play a game known as Beat the Intro. His co-star Emily Ratajkowski and director Max Joseph joined him.

Without missing a beat, Ratajkowski guessed the first song correctly, while Joseph nailed the second song. Of course, all three of the celebs couldn't figure out One Direction's "Steal My Girl," with Joseph initially guessing it was a Van Halen song. Efron thought it might be Coldplay or Muse, but said, "Oh yeah, I'd never get that," after being told it was One Direction.

But the absolute best part of the video is Efron's failure to name the song "Breaking Free" from "High School Musical" — his own freakin' movie. He started guessing random lyrics until the words "breaking free" came up in the song.

His reasoning made sense, but seriously? Come on, Zac. COME. ON.

However, he made up for his mistake by using this HSM pun at the end. Well played, Zac.

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“We Are Your Friends” hits theaters August 28.