12 Signs That Fall Is Coming And You Can't Escape It

Accept your fate.

Winter is coming. No wait. Fall. Fall is coming. And there's no avoiding it. It might still be sunny and warm outside for now, but slowly the leaves will change and a chill will creep across the ground signifying the start of a new season.

Soon, like a delicious virus, pumpkin spice will flavor all of our favorite foods. School will start and "Hocus Pocus" will air on every channel. The warning signs are here already. Prepare yourself for these 12 signs of fall.

  1. Football season is starting.

    It's already NFL preseason. Pretty soon football will be in full swing and you can't escape it.

  2. Starbucks is debuting their pumpkin spice latte.

    Bow to your pumpkin spice overlord.

  3. You hear the phrase "Back to School" everywhere.

    You can't fight it. You're going back to school and the signs are literally everywhere.

  4. Stores are displaying Halloween decorations.

    There's no avoiding a spooky skeleton that plays "Monster Mash" when you walk past it.

  5. Heck, stores are displaying Christmas decorations.

    Or a dancing Santa. Embrace the kitsch.

  6. You miss your sweaters.

    They look good. They feel good. Don't resist.

  7. Watermelon doesn't taste quite as sweet.

    Sure, it's still delicious, but wouldn't pumpkin taste so much better?

  8. Squirrels are starting to get kind of fat.

    That's rude. They're preparing for winter. It's inescapable...

  9. Your allergies are starting to chill out.

    Finally, sweet release from summer sneezes!

  10. Or your allergies are starting to kick in.

    Hay fever sucks and we're sorry. Accept your fate.

  11. In the back of your mind, you're debating your halloween costume.

    Soon thoughts of the holiday will take over. Resistance is futile.

  12. You like everything you see in this post...

    You're ready now to say goodbye to the last precious days of summer and succumb to fall with open arms.