8 Reasons Jon Stewart Makes The Perfect WWE SummerSlam Host

Maybe he belongs in the ring, not behind a desk.

When people retire, they slow down. Images of older men in madras plaid shorts sipping iced tea while they build a ship in a bottle come to mind. That's not Jon Stewart. No, the former "Daily Show" host is doing the opposite of that by hosting the WWE Summer Slam tonight in Brooklyn.

It might seem weird going from an award-winning news comedy show to the world of professional wrestling, but here are 8 reasons why it's a great idea. Let the man have his moment of Zen.

  1. He actually likes wrestling.

    Stewart's no stranger to the world of professional wrestling. He knows and appreciates the sport, which is more than some hosts can say.

  2. Even though wrestlers don't always love him.

    Lesson to on Stewart: if you kick Seth Rollins in the crotch, be prepared to face the consequences.

  3. It's unexpected, sort of.

    Stewart hosted WWE's "Monday Night Raw" in March where the aforementioned crotch kick took place. All things considered, it went well.

  4. Professional wrestling is cool again.

    Not since the '90s has pro wrestling been so popular. The kids that grew up with Randy Savage, Rowdy Roddy and the Rock are adults now – adults with spending power and a love for the theatrics of the ring.

  5. That's so fun!

    Wrestling is a riot! There are costumes and plot lines and luchadores. It's like a wacky circus where people fight each other.

  6. It'll keep the politicos off his tail for a minute.

    People have always cried for a Stewart/Colbert ballot, but maybe they'll cut him some slack if he's busy hosting wrestling. Or maybe they'd settle for a debate moderator?

  7. It's better than golf.

    Yeah, golf is fun and you get to play outside for a while, but wrestling is so much more exiting! Did we mention the luchadores?

  8. He's earned it.

    Jon Stewart has had such a successful, prolific career that he deserves the freedom to host whatever weird event he pleases. Wrestling, dog shows, whatever. As long as we can get our fix of the funny man.