Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Taylor Swift Just Made History In Los Angeles, And Here's Who Came Out To Help Her Celebrate

The 1989 World Tour continues to own everything and everyone.

Friday night (August 21) at LA's Staples Center, Taylor Swift made history. The megastar, currently in the third full month of her colossal 1989 World Tour, was honored with a banner at the sports arena for selling out 16 shows there -- more than any artist ever.

Naturally, Kobe Bryant showed up to congratulate Taylor because, you know, it is his house and everything.

"Sixteen is a very special number here in Los Angeles," Bryant told the crowd, and it's true. The Los Angeles Lakers have won 16 championships, the last of which they clinched in 2010. So, just like sports teams get honored with banners that hang high up in the stadium rafters, Taylor got her own: a black, white and red billowing reminder of her accomplishment. She looked pretty pumped.

Of course, this is the 1989 World Tour, so a quick banner-raising ceremony simply isn't enough to deliver fans the celebrity-gathering spectacle they've come to expect by now. After the celebration, Tay welcomed Ryan Tedder -- superproducer, songwriter and OneRepublic singer extraordinaire -- to the stage for "Counting Stars."

Taylor's incredible five-night stay at the Staple Center continues tonight. We'll see what happens next!