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The Definitive Ranking Of Harry Styles’ Onstage Falls

Nobody can drag him down... except gravity.

Harry Styles is right about one thing: nobody can drag him down. But you know what CAN? Gravity. Good old-fashioned physics can — and has — literally dragged our fave curly-haired crooner to the ground… multiple times, no less.

Hazza’s latest tumble happened Thursday night (Aug. 20) during One Direction’s On The Road Again tour stop in Toronto. While performing the Midnight Memories track “Better Than Words,” Harry was innocently trying to get down with his bad self, when — just as the bass dropped — he leaned back dramatically and his leg got caught under him. #OhNoHarry.

Now, anyone who’s seen One Direction in concert knows that, out of the four guys, Harry’s the most athletic onstage. The dude literally cannot stand still (it’s probably why he’s so skinny) and he just likes to ~feel~ the music in amusingly physical fashion. As such, he’s the most prone to falling victim to that imaginary banana peel, as these seven other times have proven:

  1. The time Louis came to his rescue.

    This vintage clip of fetus 1D performing “What Makes You Beautiful” is nothing short of iconic. The way Harry twirls around and then lands on his butt while Zayn laughs and Louis puts his arm around him? Priceless.

  2. The time he got dripping wet.

    After joking that they “laugh in the face of rain,” Harry fell into some kind of puddle (?) onstage, leaving his back and the seat of his pants absolutely drenched. Undeterred, he simply states the obvious: “I’ve definitely fallen over.”

  3. The time 5SOS pranked the hell out of him.

    This moment will go down in history as one of the very best, purely because it combines One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, and CAKE. The bands got together to perform “Teenage Dirtbag” and then proceeded to pound each other with cake — and Harry falls not once, but TWICE.

  4. The time he stumbled backward and even he couldn’t help but laugh at himself.

    Just last month, Harry fell backward while singing “Through The Dark” during 1D’s OTRA show in San Diego, and it instantly became a repeat-worthy classic.

  5. The time he took Niall down with him.

    Narry for the win! Harry and Niall made the crowd crack up by demonstrating their ballroom dancing skills, only to utterly fail by collapsing on top of one another.

  6. The time he actually hurt his wrist.

    Just after singing “fall into my arms instead” during this 1D performance in 2012, Harry — looking practically unrecognizable in khaki pants and a modest button-down shirt — steps offstage onto a little platform of sorts. One over-eager fan appears to tug him a little too hard and Harry subsequently trips backward. To his credit, he continued to nail his vocal runs, but the way he’s hugging his wrist makes it look like he legitimately hurt himself. Awww!

  7. The time he got hit with a shoe.

    Throwing stuff at the guys onstage really isn’t cool, but this moment turned out to be pretty hilarious. After being hit you-know-where with a shoe, Harry buckles over as Niall looks utterly perplexed. Don’t worry, Harry got up and regained his composure with some lunges and light stretching. As one does.