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'Harry Potter' Fans, J.K. Rowling Likes Where Your Head Is At With This Dumbledore Theory

The 'Harry Potter' author said this popular fan theory 'fits.'

J.K. Rowling has now given her official stamp of authorial approval to one popular and almost unimpeachable "Harry Potter" fan theory: Dumbledore is Death.

Yep, Potterphiles have been flying high (sans broomsticks, no less) ever since someone figured out that the "Tale of the Three Brothers" from "Beetle the Bard" closely aligns with the way the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" ending went down -- and a few other plot details presented throughout the series.

As a refresher, when Harry and Voldemort had their wand-to-wand showdown in the Forbidden Forest, Voldy shot off an Avada Kedavra killing curse at Harry -- a move which Harry planned to allow because he was himself a Horcrux whose life sustained the Dark Lord. Once Harry died, he was transported to a mystical version of King's Cross Station where none other than his favorite magical maestro Professor Dumbledore awaited him.

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The kids on Tumblr eventually connected the dots and noticed a striking resemblance between that moment and the story of the third Peverell brother, who'd been granted the Invisibility Cloak and dodged Death until he'd lived a full, long life after which he "greeted Death as an old friend."

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The theory piggybacks off of the idea that Snape and Voldemort represent the other two story siblings based on their similarities (although Snape does not try to use the Philosopher's Stone to revive his lost loved one) ... and that Dumbledore had a little something to do with each of their demises.

And J.K. Rowling is quite impressed with all the pieces her faithful followers pulled together to come up with this thing. On Twitter Friday (Aug. 21) she wrote that it is her very favorite fanmade notion about the series because "It's a beautiful theory and it fits."

Ten points to all four Houses for a remarkable discovery!

In other news, J.K. has also revealed a couple of other fun, nerdy details for "Potter" fans to throw into the potions pot.

  • Including the fact that Hagrid wasn't quite wizard enough to produce a Patronus.


  • And that, no, Tom Riddle is not the "Cursed Child" her new play will be about.

    Although we kinda knew that already since she's told us (again and again) that, unlike "Fantastic Beasts," it's not a prequel.

  • However, we might know his/her name.

    Any guesses, crowd?