Amber Marienthal

Bubba The Cat Goes To School So Much They Gave Him An I.D.

He's the Billy Madison of cats.

Meet Bubba the Cat, arguably the only pet on the Internet who's ready for back to school season. In fact, the San Jose-base feline frequents Leland High School so often, they decided to make it official with a student ID.

Amber Marienthal

"At first Bubba started out visiting homes in our neighborhood with children," Amber Marienthal, Bubba's mom, told MTV News. He was adopted in 2009 and started going to school in 2010, after his meows made it clear he wouldn't be happy otherwise. "The whole reason Bubba goes to school is his loud and repeated requests to do so," Marienthal said.

Amber Marienthal

Bubba, who is a regular at nearby Bret Harte Middle School as well, attends Leland High with his two (human) brothers Matthew and Mark, who are in their junior and freshmen years. According to Marienthal, Bubba roams from class to class daily, but does not visit his brothers. After all, he probably gets enough of them at home.

Bubba is highly sociable and craves the attention of crowds as much as treats. He attends sporting events, cheerleading practice, and has several cats in the neighborhood pining to be his prom date. He's been featured in Leland's school newspaper, senior magazine and last year's yearbook. Three years ago and 8th grade class at Bret Harte tried to get a statue of Bubba made, but the request was denied.

Amber Marienthal

Bubba's relationship with the community is a reciprocal one, where the community loves Bubba as much as Bubba loves them. They let him wander, while looking out for him and making sure he gets home at night. He's also microchipped with tags explaining that he's not lost, just friendly.

His super social behavior has gotten him a lot of great things, including his school ID.

"Bubba somehow knew to show up for registration day at Leland and was apparently in line with the kids waiting to get their photo taken," Marienthal said. When the photographer needed a test subject, Bubba was ready for his close-up and the ID was made. What a purrfect way to start the school year.

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