Warwick Rowers

These Athletes Are Fighting Homophobia With Their Hot, Naked Bodies (You’re Welcome)

Their abs will ease you into the weekend.

If you've never thought of taking up rowing, you might want to after seeing these pictures.

The Warwick Rowers have blessed this planet again with their abs, biceps and yes ... their butts. Every year, the rowing team of England's Warwick University strips down for a fundraising calendar. Their cause? Raising money to fight homophobia through their charity Sport Allies.

Scroll down for more pics.

"We're getting naked to make a point," Tristan Edwards told MTV News. "We don't care who looks at us, regardless of sexuality or gender. We're also trying to show that sport shouldn't be a place for enforced gender stereotypes but instead that the intimacy and openness we share as a team is something positive to be encouraged in all walks of life." Swoon.

And how does it feel to take it all off in front of all of your teammates? Tom Stewart, another rower and beautiful human, told MTV News it was "a little daunting at first but you soon forgot about the cameras."

Stewart continued, "Getting naked became normal really quickly and both the shoots were probably the most fun thing I've done at [university] so far. Hopefully that comes across in the calendar. I'm really looking forward to continuing to be involved in such a great project and raising more money for a fantastic cause." We are too, Tom, we are too.

Take a look at the rowers in all their bountiful glory below.

(Edwards is second from the left, Stewart is second from the right. #NeedToKnow)

If you want to follow the Warwick Rowers' adventures in being gorgeous, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.