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Fetty Wap Accomplished Something That Drake, Nicki Minaj And Jay Z Never Could

He's not slowing down.

For anyone that may have heard "Trap Queen" and thought Fetty Wap is going to be a one-hit wonder, here's a quick update: You were wrong.

Not only has the New Jersey native followed up his breakout with equally catchy and melodic jams, but he's become a hitmaker out of the gate -- the likes of which the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart has never seen before.

According to the site, when his "Again" crept into the top 10 this week -- it landed at No. 8 -- he became the first artist in the chart's 26-year history to have his first four charting songs live in the top 10 simultaneously.

When I read that, I think two things: The first is that those are some super specific parameters within which to be measuring an artist; and the second is that despite my first point about those super specific parameters, that is an insane stat.

That means Drake's first four songs weren't as successful on the chart. Neither were Nicki Minaj's. Or Jay Z's. Or Kanye West's. Or -- well, you get it.

In addition to "Again," Fetty's got a stranglehold on the top 10 thanks to “Trap Queen,” which still sits all the way at No. 2; “My Way,” right there at No. 3; and "679," not far behind, at No. 5.

How's he going to keep the momentum going? His debut album, which drops on September 25, is a good place to start.