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Kendall Jenner Just Totally Changed Her Hair: See The Pics

Barbie's got some serious competition.

Kendall Jenner was blessed with the same silky raven locks that run throughout the Kardashian-Jenner fam, so by nature, her mane is unfairly gorgeous. But like her sisters -- and just about everyone else in the free world -- she still enjoys shaking things up with her 'do hue from time to time. Because why not?

And her latest transformation was so dramatic we almost didn't recognize her at first!

No, she didn't follow Kylie's lead and dye her hair bright blue. (Note: We're totally not against that idea.) But she did show off a really drastic mane change tonight (Aug. 20) that has us equal parts surprised and enthralled by what we're seeing right now.

Kendall revealed her golden new look in this picture of herself on Instagram -- but without her punny "Ken-doll" caption we might not have noticed her beneath all the blur and that honey blonde hair.

Lookin' good, Kendall!

Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Kylie have all given the whole "blondes have more fun" thing a whirl before too, but from what we're seeing here Kendall looks perfectly natural with lighter-colored tresses.

Which is kind of funny because it's pretty obvious that she is sporting a wig in the pic (you don't buy a car before you test drive it, do you?). But she could easily make this look a more semi-permanent thing and we wouldn't complain because it definitely suits her.

Here's a second view of the new look.