Rhiannon Logsdon

See 13 Absolutely Breathtaking Images Of Kids As Fairy Tale Characters

Little kids have their wishes come true.

Austin-based photographer Rhiannon Logsdon takes a child's imagination and represents it in colorful imagery. Logsdon's world includes fairies, dragons and mermaids; the results are truly stunning.

"My own kids were always asking if I could photoshop things for them, and it just kind of started from there," Logsdon told MTV News. "Then other people started to see me doing it for my own kids and wanted it for theirs."

Logsdon, who also takes conventional child portraits, offers the fairy tale treatment if a child or parent wants a more fantasy-based image: "When I actually meet the kids, they get comfortable with me -- then they usually open right up and tell me everything. They tell me what they pretend to do and everything they love."

See 13 of her truly gorgeous fairy tale portraits below.

For more of Rhiannon Logsdon's photography, check out her website.

H/T Pixable