Knock Knock, Who’s There? An App That’s About To Take Over Social Lives

Shy people in bars, rejoice!

Let's say you're in your university's cafeteria and you spy that cutie from your Literature seminar. You really want to give them your number, but your nerves have always gotten in the way. That's where a new app, Knock Knock, comes in.

Other apps like Happn and Tinder use GPS capabilities to initiate real world closeness, but Knock Knock takes it a step further by creating a Bluetooth network from your phone to see who else has the app close by. If another person in range also has Knock Knock, you can send them your social media handles from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more. And yes -- also your number, if you'd like.

“New social encounters can be both awkward and intimidating,” said Ankur Jain, the creator of Knock Knock, in a press release. “Thinking back to my first week of college, I remember wishing there was a way to keep track and remember all of the new people I met. We created Knock Knock as a fun solution that takes the pressure off when navigating these situations.”

Knock Knock also has a chat function, a feature that allows you to group your friends with you when you're together. It also remembers the names of the people you're with and where you met if you're a social butterfly who forgets names as quickly as they're said to you. ::raises hand::

Demand for the app is high already. When I asked my friend to sign up for it, she found herself at the end of a 65,000 person-long wait list, and it's only been out for two days. But if the app becomes a mainstay in enough phones, we all could be Knock Knock-ing our info to each other instead of ... whatever we do now.

The intro to the app features famous faces Sophia Bush, Richard Branson and -- and they're all investors in the product as well. Watch the video below.

H/T Engadget