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Watch This Rapper Fight Off Security On Behalf Of His Fans

Would your favorite rapper do this for you?

Seeing your favorite rapper in concert is cool, but sometimes you want more than that. Sometimes you actually want to be next to them on stage. And while that would piss off most artists, Travi$ Scott will literally fight with security guards to let you have your moment.

The rapper was performing in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, when one of his diehard fans made a lunge toward the stage. Security guards weren't having it, but Scott wasn't having it with the guards at all.

After egging on the fan by yelling, "They can't hold you back," he actually stopped the show to intervene when things got out of control.

In the video above, you can see him pushing and poking the security guards while yelling, "leave this motherf---ker alone, all you lime green shirt motherf---kers, back the f--k up!"

What other rapper would make fun of a security guard's uniform for you?

Travi$ Scott's Rodeo album is coming soon, and in the meantime, you can catch him acting a fool on stages across the U.S. He told MTV News that his shows are always meant to be that insane.