Colin Douglas Gray

Jeremy Scott Reveals His Spirit Animal And It Makes Total Sense

Jeremy Scott is a busy man. From working on his upcoming Moschino collection and filming his documentary, "Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer" to redesigning the Moonman and 2015 VMAs red carpet, we don't know where he finds the time to sleep, let alone give interviews.

Somehow he found the time to stop by the New York Facebook office to answer fan questions for a pretty informative video. He talks about what inspires him, how he was bullied in high school, and what three things he would bring on a desert island (a book, his iPhone, and a sleep mask, FYI).

But perhaps the most revealing (and maybe not-so-shocking) thing he said was his response to the question "what is your spirit animal?" He quickly replied, "My spirit animal...maybe it's Miley Cyrus." Since the two hang out all the time and appear to inspire one another, we couldn't think of a better answer.

To see what else Jeremy had to say, check out the video below: