Emma Stone And Ryan Gosling Are Off In 'La La Land': See The Pics!

The perfect costars are back together on set.

If the world seems a little brighter, better, and more at peace today, this might be the reason why: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are together again on a movie set, and everything is beautiful, and nothing hurts.

Emma and Ryan are pretty much tops on our list of stars we love to see sharing a screen, and these pics of them palling around during the making of "La La Land," a musical romance set in Los Angeles, pretty much embody all the reasons why.

  • Aww, just look at them.
  • Now, kiss! ...Or, y'know, just stand there being adorable and perfect. That works too.
  • And photographed in a rare moment sans Emma, Ryan looks downright bereft. Handsome, but bereft.
    JaX/S I X/Splash News Online

"La La Land" will be in theaters July 2016.