'The Witch' Just Ousted 'Goodnight Mommy' As Creepiest Trailer Of The Year

Colonial times were obviously scary AF.

If you thought the "Goodnight Mommy" trailer was freaky, just wait 'til you get a load of this terrifying new movie preview.

"The Witch," which won director Robert Eggers the Directing Award for Drama at this year's Sundance Film Festival and sent viewers home with major shivers, is getting ready to creep you the f--k out, 17th Century-style.

The film centers on a Puritan family in 1630 New England who move out to a quiet wilderness area to farm it up in peace. All seems well until tragic things start happening to them -- we'll let the teaser show you one horrifying example -- so they start to fall apart, in more ways than one. And without family unity, it's open season for whatever evil lurks beyond the treeline.

If you're not already sufficiently freaked out, take a good, hard look at this eerie poster featuring an obviously maniacal goat and then replay that moment when the kid's saying "baaaaaah" in your head.


Yeah, good luck sleeping tonight.