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Wait, Did Channing Tatum Just Drop A Major Hint About '23 Jump Street'?

Get ready for 'a steaming load of Bolshevik.'

The end credits to "22 Jump Street" seemed to be a farce-filled run-through of the many joke options for the future of the series -- which is unabashedly on the 75-year plan at this point -- but maybe that wasn't the case after all.

Because Channing Tatum just tweeted what appears to be a throwback picture from one part of the clip, and even though it was then pegged as the faux concept for "24 Jump Street: Foreign Exchange," maybe he's dropping a little wink-hint about what's to come with "23 Jump Street"?

Consider the cryptic caption: "Let's just not even go into what this about?"

Sure, "23 Jump Street" was supposed to take Jenko and Schmidt to medical school next -- because "f--k you science" and whatnot -- but the foreign exchange idea is actually a little more plausible than that for a couple of reasons:

1. They've already done the undercover drug ring sting bit -- and what else would they be scouring the gross anatomy student lab for? Next.

2. An international spy ring plot could open up the doors for some federal-local police cooperation efforts, which would mean the boys got a well-deserved promotion and they get to raise hell overseas next. YES.

And we're not alone in reading between the mustache lines of this tweet, either. Channing's followers are also taking his Siberian surprise pic to mean things are about to go Soviet for the undercover squad.

Yeah, they get it. And don't forget that director Phil Lord himself has said that the script for "23" "found a way that [they] love that makes those imagined sequels canonical and yet does something we haven't told you about yet."

Things that make you go "HMMMMMM."