'Empire' Season 2 Promo Features New Music (!), Even More Drama

"Empire" just (drip) dropped a new promo featuring a brand new song!

In only a few short weeks, "Empire" will be back with more power struggles, family drama, fierce fashion and most importantly, original music.

Fox just released a new season 2 promo, and this time, it's all about the music. The 30-second TV spot teases a brand new track, called "No Doubt About It," from Jussie Smollett (feat. Pitbull). Riding high off the success of "You're So Beautiful," it sounds like Jamal's debut record could be going in a more upbeat direction. R&B crooner Ne-Yo joined Timbaland as a music producer for season 2, and it sounds like his influences are all over this fun, party track.

We also see Jamal trying to reconcile things with his younger brother Hakeem. The second season will see Jamal, the acting CEO of Empire Entertainment while Lucious is in prison, square off against his family for control of the company. And to add an extra layer of drama, Jamal and Hakeem will battle it out for the top spot on the charts.

"I want you back at Empire," Jamal says in the promo. When Hakeem asks why, Jamal's answer is simple -- "Because we're family." -- but is it sincere? It's not a secret Jamal has been taking tips in "How To Succeed In Business By Being A D--k" from his dad Lucious.

Meanwhile, Cookie looks as fierce and fabulous as ever. "This is about us taking the Empire," she says. Here's hoping Cookie finally gets what's hers in season 2 when "Empire" returns on September 23, 2015.