Check Out The Mind-Blowing Miley Cyrus VMA Art You Are Making!

We asked, and you delivered.

By Chandra Johnson

While you’re anxiously waiting to see what crazy antics Miley Cyrus will pull as host of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards or preparing yourself for Nick Jonas’ drool-worthy pre-show performance, you’ve been creating your very own VMA creations over at mtvvma.net. Yes, YOU!

So far, tons and tons of amazing photos and videos have been posted and most will leave you scratching your heads while you ponder what your eyeballs just witnessed. I mean, there really is no shortage of creativity (or aliens, kittens, pizza and goo) here!

Keep creating and posting your own content, but in the meantime here are 9 amazingly rad promos.

  1. Cats in an ice cream cone? Squishing sparkly covered hot dogs? Very normal, tbh.

    Art by: @blendstudios

  2. P-I-Z-Z-A. THAT’S WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. Miley’s having a pizza party and you’re invited.

    Art by: @heybeautifuljerk

  3. Just call Miley the dolphin whisperer.

    Art by: @reedandrader

  4. It’s like Miley is in her very own version of Looney Toons. “That’s All Folks!”

    Art by: @jenstark

  5. Floating in space is better when gummi bears are blasting at you.

    Art by: @chadreddell

  6. Give the cat some wings and it’s so 'The NeverEnding Story,' am I right?

    Art by: @chadreddell

  7. Because one Miley simply isn’t enough.

    Art by: @scottgelber

  8. It’s like a Lisa Frank, psychedelic dream.

    Art by: @sthurer

  9. A dripping wall of color... the perfect complement to Miley’s tongue-aerobics.

    Art by: @jenstark

Watch the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 30, at 9/8c on MTV.