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9 Pop Culture Icons Who Had Worse First Days Of School Than You Will

It could always be worse!

No matter if you’re a new student or you’re back on familiar turf, the first day of school is always tough. You have to get back into a routine after months of summer laziness, deal with all the frenemies and rivals you've been ignoring since June, and start worrying about your future all over again.

Oh, and maybe sometimes you can't get to school on time without stealing your dad's flying car and driving it through the sky across England until you get attacked by a magical tree.

What, that's never happened to you? Well, that's good news -- as stressful as your first day back might be, at least it'll never be as bad as the stuff that the TV and movie characters on this list had to deal with. So take a deep breath and check out some school experiences that'll (hopefully) never happen to you:

  1. Cady Heron, "Mean Girls"
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    Any time you feel so stressed out by your time at school that you decide to have lunch in a public bathroom is not a good time. Bathrooms are gross, guys. Don't eat there.

  2. Rory Gilmore, "Gilmore Girls"

    On Rory's first day at the prestigious Chilton prep school, literally everything goes wrong. First Lorelai oversleeps and they're late to meet the Headmaster, and then he tells Rory that she'll probably fail at the school because she has no social life. Then Paris spends the entire day acting like a jerk because Rory dares to do things like answer questions in class. Oh well, at least they didn't hit a deer with their car -- that's not until season four.

  3. Buffy Summers, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

    Buffy's just trying to be a normal high school girl after "accidentally" setting fire to her last school (in her defense, she was saving everyone from vampires). Too bad for her that Sunnydale High is built on top of a Hellmouth and she HAS to save the day with her slayer powers.

  4. Wallace Fennel, "Veronica Mars"

    Right after he transfers to Neptune High, Wallace Fennel gets stripped and duct-taped to a flag pole for trying to do the right thing. At least it got him a great friend in Veronica, but still -- that's hard to bounce back from.

  5. Matilda Wormwood, "Matilda"

    Our favorite telekinetic bookworm makes some great friends on her first day at Crunchem Hall, including her lovely teacher Ms. Honey. But no amount of friends can make up for having to face the terrifying Ms. Trunchbull, that's for sure. Of course, things are way worse for her classmate Amanda Thripp -- Trunchbull literally throws her over a fence by her pigtails.

  6. Billy Madison

    Billy has a great time on his first days of first and second grade, but he hits a wall when third grade starts and he gets kicked out of class -- for making fun of a fellow student, so it's kind of his own fault.

  7. Elle Woods, "Legally Blond"

    Elle gets into Harvard Law School for the express purpose of earning her ex-boyfriend's respect and get him back, and then on the first day she finds out he's gotten engaged. Way harsh.

  8. Aria Montgomery, "Pretty Little Liars"

    Aria's first day of school is arguably a walk in the park compared to the all the stuff A puts her through, but still -- finding out that the guy you kissed is your new teacher is enough to ruin anyone's morning.

  9. Harry Potter
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    Magic though it may be, when it comes to first days Hogwarts is a dangerous place for the Boy Who Lived. In "Chamber Of Secrets," Harry and Ron almost get killed trying to drive a flying car to school after they miss the train; in "Prisoner of Azkaban," he encounters the Dementors for the very first time and has to recall what it was like when his parents died in front of him; and in "Half-Blood Prince" he gets attacked by Malfoy and left on the train in a Full Body-Bind curse. Not a great tally.