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Nicki Minaj Has A 'Big Surprise' On The Way -- But What Is It?

Sounds like it's movie-related.

"Straight Outta Compton" had an impressive opening weekend at the box office, bringing in over $60 million -- good enough for the biggest R-rated opening in August of all-time.

But even if you weren't a ticket-buying moviegoer in the first few days, after reading Nicki Minaj gushing over the N.W.A biopic, you might feel compelled to go.

"When black/HipHop driven movies start doing these numbers at the box office EVERYONE takes notice!" she wrote on Instagram on Monday night. "Unheard of!!! 50-60 million dollar debuts are just another level. Very proud. Congrats to ALL involved. Our movies should always do these numbers. It only opens doors for more! And they're more than deserving of it. BarberShop3 at the top of next year then a big surprise."

Hold on. We knew "Barbershop 3" was coming, but what's this "big surprise"?

Based on the context, this must be movie-related. Does she have a starring role on the way? Some part in a biopic? Will she be playing a superhero in a new Marvel movie? Is she voicing another animated character like she did in "Ice Age: Continental Drift"? Or is it something completely different?

Guess we'll have to wait to find out. But at least that gives us time to come up with elaborate theories.

As for "Straight Outta Compton," it looks like Nicki and her boyfriend Meek Mill rented out a theater to themselves to watch the flick.

Not bad.