Zac Efron Seduced A Shark Into Not Eating Him

Sharks: They're just like us!

If you've ever experienced a deep, burning, primal desire to just, like, put your mouth all over Zac Efron, then you're not alone: there's a shark out in Hawaii who knows exactly how you feel.

Zac was on "The Tonight Show" Monday to promote his new movie, "We Are Your Friends," but the story he ended up sharing was more like something out of "Jaws."

The actor was on a Hawaiian shark diving excursion that took a turn for the terrifying when an apex predator, a.k.a. a giant tiger shark, showed up on the scene looking for dinner. But because it's Zac Efron we're talking about, all he had to do was gaze soulfully into the shark's eyes to let him (or her) know that his delicious body wasn't on the menu tonight.

And then he basically rode the shark back to the boat, because not even the mightiest predator in the sea has the strength to resist the magic touch of Zefron.