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Whoa, Did Louis Tomlinson Just Side With Calvin Harris Over Zayn Malik?

The 1D star's Twitter activity might be a clue about where his loyalty lies in this new feud.

We were all a bit gobsmacked today (Aug. 17) when Zayn Malik took his new penchant for random Twitter tiffing straight to the top and shaded Taylor Swift by way of the retweet seen round the world -- OK, pretty much just the Swiftieverse, but still.

Then, things got exponentially more jaw-droppy when Tay's boyfriend, Calvin Harris, got all knight-in-shining-social-media-armor on us and stepped up to defend her honor (and the cause of musicians across the spectrum of success making money for their work, of course).

Now we're all aghast for the third time today by this new feud because Zayn's former One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson has seemingly thrown his support behind Calvin by favoriting the DJ's initial tell-off tweet -- which an eagle-eyed Directioner took notice of right away. Oof.

Now, there are a couple of quick observations to be made here. First of all, Louis is not a frequent favoriter. He's only clicked the YAY star on 30 occasions, including this. So it's not like he's one of those people who bookmarks things all the time at random for future review.

On the other hand, his Twitter bio does still read that 1D has five members, which hasn't been true in months. So he's probably not putting too much stock into his social media cred here.

In any case, Louis and Zayn have a well-documented history of Twitter fighting -- and even though Louis has insisted "it's all resolved now," this looks like a definite dig.

What say you, Directioners? Did Louis just slice right into this beef or what?