Chace Crawford Is Back On TV (And Still Rich) In This 'Blood & Oil' Preview

Get ready to fall in love with him again, everyone.

You can take the boy out of Manhattan, but you can't take Manhattan out of the boy. That's what we're picking up from what ABC is putting down with this first promo for "Blood & Oil" (via Entertainment Weekly) which features our beloved Chace Crawford as another swoony-suited beau with silk sheets. Just as nature intended him to be.

It's been a hot minute since Chace was last steaming up our small screens as Nate Archibald in "Gossip Girl." Too long, in fact. But as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder -- which means his Billy LeFever (an appropriate character name, wethinks, because he is HAWT) will be inheriting the fanfare that his days as the "Golden Boy of the Upper East Side" earned him.

From the sounds of the new show's tagline, though, -- "Sometimes you have to play dirty to get filthy rich" -- it might be a no more Mr. Nice Guy situation when he turns up in North Dakota to capitalize on the new oil boom.

But we'll have to wait and find out when the show airs on Sept. 20 with co-stars Rebecca Rittenhouse, Don Johnson, Amber Valetta, Scott Michael Fosters and Indie de Beaufort in tow.