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Zayn Malik’s Got A History Of Twitter Beefs -- From Minions To Calvin Harris

Why can't we all just get along?

Since leaving One Direction, Zayn Malik has been much more active on social media, interacting with fans and sharing adorable pictures of his multiple hair colors, which I am all for.

But at times, his Twitter fingers have gotten him into a bit of trouble.

Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Zayn included. But while sometimes I agree with him, it seems recently we've been talking more about his Twitter disses, retweets and favorites than those beautiful high notes we've grown to love.

So what kind of Twitter trouble has Zayn gotten himself into? Here's a roundup of his many Twitter beefs.

  1. Zayn vs. Calvin Harris

    Yikes, this got ugly fast. After Zayn retweeted quotes comparing Taylor Swift's and Miley Cyrus' views on the music industry, Calvin came to his GF's defense. The two exchanged some heated tweets, with Zayn claiming that Calvin didn't understand what he said, while Calvin argued he had issue with the quote, not Zayn personally.

  2. Zayn vs. Little Mix

    It was subtle, yet it definitely packed a punch. Zayn retweeted a "RT for this, FAV for that" tweet, which happened to pit his ex-fiance, Perrie Edwards, and her girl group Little Mix against Fifth Harmony for favorite song. Zayn retweeted showing his support for 5H, a diss that did not go unnoticed. In his defense, Perrie did do something similar when she said that her song of the summer was Zayn's former band's new single, "Drag Me Down."

  3. Zayn vs. Minion Haters

    OK, this one is kind of funny. As we all know, you are either on team minions or you're not, and when Zayn declared he was all for these little, yellow creatures with a brand new sweater, some were not happy. A few fans decided they were no longer supporting the singer, while others just were disgusted. Either way, Zayn felt the minions' pain.

  4. Zayn vs. Naughty Boy

    After Zayn thought that Naughty Boy leaked his "No Type" video, Zayn fired off on Twitter telling the producer to "stop pretending we're friends." Naughty Boy did say that he hopes their music together won't "suffer," but considering they still aren't following each other on social media, it's safe to assume that this friendship is on hold.

  5. Zayn vs. Louis Tomlinson

    Zayn asked Louis to stop making “bitchy comments” about his life after Louis seemingly made a remark referring to a filtered photo Naughty Boy posted with Zayn. However, it seems these two have put their Twitter drama behind them, since Zayn congratulated his former band on their new single.

  6. Zayn and the Fans

    Zayn has no issue with his fans, in fact, they are starting to know more about him than he does. He's been encouraging them to submit fan art, retweeting fans remixes of One Direction songs, and just interacting on a whole new level. This is the Zayn we like to see, and hopefully we learn more about the "real me" on his upcoming solo album.