Miley Cyrus, Take Note: Here Are 11 Things You Can Learn From Past VMA Hosts

Be prepared for anything, Miley!

Miley Cyrus is about to make history.

On August 30, not only will she become the 18th host of the Video Music Awards, but she will be the fourth woman to take on the role.

A lot goes into hosting the VMAs: there are jokes to be written, sketches to be taped, and wardrobe to be chosen. It's not an easy job, but if we are judging by Miley's recent promos, she's totally going to kill it.

But if the singer is feeling some pre-VMA jitters, she might want to look to the past and steal some ideas of what to do (and not to do) from former hosts. Lucky for her, we did the work for her.

So here are 11 things Miley can learn from some past hosts of the VMAs.

  1. Get in Character

    At the very first VMAs back in 1984, hosts Dan Aykroyd and Bette Midler opened the show appropriately dressed as a moon man and moon woman -- or as Bette called it, the "baked potato" look.

  2. Don't Wear A Sweater With A Matching Vest

    In Eddie's defense, it was 1985, and if Miley makes any wardrobe mistakes she's lucky, because good friend, and moonman designer, Jeremy Scott will be close by to lend her a look.

  3. Or A Necklace That Connects Your Hat To Your Glasses

    But, Arsenio Hall wore this and hosted the show four times... so maybe you should?

  4. Do Make Memorable Sketches

    Chelsea Handler brought the laughs as she entered full-on diva mode, yelling at 2010's Best New Artist winner Justin Bieber for asking for cream cheese with his bagel.

  5. Don't Be Afraid To Make Fun Of Yourself

    Roseanne Barr, who was the last woman to host before Chelsea Handler in 2010, had no trouble taking some jabs at herself, talking about her divorce and her age, but balanced it out by letting everyone know just how fabulous she is.

  6. Do Bring The Laughs

    This is Chris Rock at his finest back in 1997, comparing the Spice Girls to heroin, saying that artists are "here today, gone today," and letting everyone know that Marilyn Manson is "wilder than rap" and will frighten anyone since he's from "hell."

  7. Maybe Lay Off The Purity Ring Jokes

    Russell Brand received a lot of flack for mocking the Jonas Brothers' abstinence symbols, but something tells me this didn't bother Russell too much, since he took the hosting reigns again the following year in 2009.

  8. Give Gifts

    When Diddy hosted the awards back in 2005, not only did he award Gwen Stefani and Snoop Dogg $50,000 for charity for winning his Fashion Challenge, but he also gifted one really lucky audience member a $10,000 Jacob the Jeweler designed watch.

  9. Have A Kick-Ass Intro

    In 2009, Russell made his entrance to a performance of "We Will Rock You" from his ex-wife Katy Perry and Aerosmith guitar player Joe Perry.

  10. Make Sure To Crowd Surf

    After concluding his monologue in 2012, host Kevin Hart decided to celebrate (or hide from the stars he made fun of) and dive into the audience for some crowd surfing.

  11. Be Prepared

    Because anything can happen... just ask Chelsea.