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Katy Perry Goes Zip-Lining With The Help Of R. Kelly And Sugar Ray

Kind of.

Katy Perry is soaring to new heights...literally.

The singer has been enjoying some time-off of her Prismatic World tour, which picks back up in September, and decided to spread her wings and fly...with the help of a zip line.

Katy posted several videos on her Instagram of her latest adventure, the first being a slow-motion clip of her gliding through the forest, as R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" fittingly plays in the video.

Getting a bit more creative, and a bit more nostalgic with her music choices, Katy posted another video with Sugar Ray's "I Just Wanna Fly" playing in the background as she, and a friend, take off on their sky-high adventure.

This could be Katy's way of celebrating her possible goodbye message to her Prism era. The "Dark Horse" singer posted a colorful finger post, complete with a rainbow design and the word "BYE" strategically placed on her middle finger.

Or maybe zip-lining is the way she gets into the holiday spirit, since she hinted that she may be working on a Christmas album.