Olivia Wilde Wants To Singlehandedly Destroy This Movie Cliche

Sometimes a cough is just a cough.

Another entry on the list of reasons why Olivia Wilde is the realest: She's just as annoyed as you are by obvious, overused movie tropes.

And she's not afraid to say so, either.

Olivia popped up on Twitter last night with this gem of an insight, which calls out the foreshadowing trope sometimes known as "The Incurable Cough of Death."

It's anyone's guess what she was watching ("Moulin Rouge," maybe?), but here's what really matters: If Olivia Wilde is going to make a movie where someone coughs and doesn't die, it would be great if she killed a few more birds with that stone, and addressed these way overused tropes, too.

  • Mirror jump scares.

    In real life, people do actually sometimes open medicine cabinets without an opportunistic ghost appearing in the mirror behind them. You know. Occasionally.

  • People casually walking away from massive explosions.

    In Olivia's movie, the person who does this should get a well-deserved and realistic piece of shrapnel right through the eyeball.

  • Antagonistic relationships that are just a front for true love.

    And finally: Just once, it would be nice if the male and female leads got off on the wrong foot -- not because they're meant to be, but because they truly, legitimately, deeply despise each other on a fundamental level and always will.