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We Listened To Jay Rock's New LP: Here Are 9 Reasons To Be Excited For 90059

Jay Rock season is upon us.

LOS ANGELES -- Jay Rock's finally getting ready to release 90059.

The Watts rapper -- who's referred to himself as the "first Dawg off the leash" -- released his previous LP, Follow Me Home, back in 2011. Four years later, he's ready to unleash TDE's newest project. To gear up for its official unveiling, Rock held a listening session Sunday at Sonos Studios in Los Angeles.

MTV News was there for the event -- which was moderated by journalist/radio personality Letty -- so we thought we'd bring you along for a glimpse of what you can expect from the upcoming album. Here's a look at why you should be amped for 90059.

  1. Get ready to visit Rock's hometown through vivid lyrics.
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    While some may be wondering what 90059 signifies, Jay Rock's point is clear. The title is a reference to a zip code for Watts. While it's a cool tie in to Follow Me Home, it's also a testament to what inspired Rock's vivid rhymes. That leads us to reason #2.

  2. Jay Rock has a 'Message' to deliver.
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    Jay Rock's "Message" track is important to the Nickerson Gardens MC.

    "Change gon' come," he said when asked about the song's significance. "That's what it's about...Wherever you're at, don't give up. No matter where you come from." While the LP is filled with raw street-based lyrics, there are also doses of hope and resilience within it, a blend Rock's been balancing for years.

  3. Black Hippy is back with another banger.
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    Black Hippy doesn't team up super often, so when they link up, it's a huge deal. Fans who've been begging for a group album will be pleased to hear how well this new posse cut -- "Vice City" -- was received.

    Put this way: it was such a hit with the folks in attendance that Rock had to run it back. And the second time he played it, Kendrick came through dancing. If their smiles during the listening sesh are any indication, they'll definitely have fun performing it.

  4. It's a TDE family affair.
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    Although SZA and Isaiah Rashad weren't part of Top Dawg when Jay Rock released Follow Me Home, the two newer TDE signees join in on the fun here. During the listening, Rock praised both artists and talked about how they've added to the label's fire.

  5. Rock and Dot still have killer chemistry.
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    Kendrick appears on at least two 90059 tracks. One cut in particular features a back-and-forth style tag-team where Rock and K. Dot drop that 1-2 punch flow. Their work together on "Money Trees," "Pay For It" and "Hood Gone Love It" was already stellar. It looks like this album will only add to that list.

  6. Busta Rhymes is a Jay Rock fan.
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    Busta Rhymes is an iconic MC. But on 90059's "Fly On The Wall," the New York vet puts the spotlight on Jay Rock. In fact, Buss uses his verse to assess the TDE rapper's career and growth. He also offers some words of wisdom and praise. To be congratulated by a legend has to be a humbling experience, right?

    During the listening session, Rock confirmed that, saying he was surprised by the verse the first time he heard it.

  7. 'Gumbo' adds flavor.
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    Not every song on the album was played here. And while "Gumbo" was skipped during the listening session, it was mentioned as part of the LP during the interview. Of course, that could change by the time the album drops, but if it makes the album, it's going to also also make some fans excited.

    The song was released last month and is filled with Rock's introspection. "Keeping my chin down, nose clean, with my guards up," he rhymes on the track. "Charged up ‘cause this ghetto got me scarred up." Beyond that, it's just more seasoning for this LP. Oh, and let's just say it isn't the only song with a cooking theme.

  8. The album might drop without warning.
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    Jay Rock is staying tight-lipped about the LP's release date. "It might drop unexpectedly like bird sh-t," he said during the session, quoting The Notorious B.I.G. And he also made sure to keep fans on their toes. "It could be tomorrow," he added. "It could be next week." Thanks to Beyoncé and MCs like Kendrick Lamar, surprise releases are also excitement-driven moments in music.

  9. Expect 90059's Videos to Be Cinematic
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    The listening session also worked as a premiere for the "90059" music video. SZA appears in the clip's intro with her melodic contribution to the album and then, the music shifts. From there, we get Rock at his most aggressive in an action-packed piece that includes cop sirens, masks and graffiti. Wait 'till you see how it all comes together.

These are just seven items to be excited about as you gear up for the upcoming Jay Rock album. But there's a chance you'll uncover even more reasons to dig it once the LP drops...that is whenever he decides to finally unleash it. Could it really be dropping tonight?

Want more reasons to get hyped about this project? How about this? The album isn't out yet and it's already getting rave reviews from those who attended this listening session:

Guess it's safe to say Jay Rock season is here.