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This Is What Happened At The 'AHS: Hotel' Cast's Gaga-Fied Late-Night Pool Party: See The Pic

The party sounds killer.

This post has been updated since Sunday, August 16, 2015.

"American Horror Story" co-creator Ryan Murphy tweeted out today (August 16) that the cast of "AHS: Hotel" hung out at Lady Gaga's house last night and had a wild pool party.

First, Murphy tried to play it off like it was "just a dream."

But then he dropped this bombshell, and the crowd went wild.

What's even more amazing about this whole ordeal is cast member Sarah Paulson also confirmed the event.

Once "AHS" fans got wind of it, they quickly demanded some proof.

Lady Gaga shared this picture on Instagram last night, with the caption, "A party fit for the thespian. ❤️."

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, she shared this one of her crazy-colored pool.

A bloody pool for the cast, sorry #AHSfans, there's few pictures. At my parties, killer friends have more fun, when no evidence is left behind.

Of course Lady Gaga dyed her pool blood red. Of course she did. Besides simply being badass, I'm sure it helped set the mood for all the gruesome and ghoulish horrors to come during filming.

Apparently, Lady Gaga is kicking butt and taking names during filming so far, according to some of her co-stars, and honestly, we'd expect nothing less.

That pool looks bananas, so this is us right now.