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And Now, Your Daily Dose Of Adorableness, Courtesy Of Ashley Tisdale's Dog

Get ready to awww in 3... 2... 1...

Former Disney star Ashely Tisdale is simply gorgeous, but we're not here to talk about her today. Nope, we're here to discuss how unbelievably precious her dog Maui is. Tisdale shared this pic on Instagram earlier today (August 15), and OUR HEARTS CAN'T TAKE IT.

She first introduced us to Maui back in 2012, and Maui's cuteness level has only gotten stronger.

Tisdale has shared several photos of Maui on Instagram lately, including this one with the caption, "Maui loves Missoni ❤️❤️"

In addition to being insanely cute, Maui can also be super stubborn, such as refusing to look at the camera for Tisdale, no matter what.

When I ask Maui to look at me and she decides to look EVERYWHERE else 😏

But Maui makes up for her stubbornness by showing up to support her human at work. She visited the set of Tisdale's new show TBS "Clipped," and looked right at home in the barber's chair.

This customer was a DIVA! On set of #Clipped. An all NEW episode Tonight at 10/9c on TBS 😄😄😃😜😉😍😘😙😜😝😳😂

I think I speak for everyone when I say keep the Maui photos coming, Ashley! She is a STAR!