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Musicians Dug This 'Simpsons' Character So Much, They Formed A Band In His Honor

Listen up, neighborinos!

In the town of Springfield, there's a little mantra to bust out when it comes to facing tough life decisions: "Okilly Dokilly!" The man behind that phrase is also the proprietor of The Leftorium (a retail shop exclusively for lefties) and a dude who makes one heck of a hot chocolate -- and that man is Ned Flanders.


When we need a voice of strength, faith and reason, "The Simpsons"' Ned Flanders is there to tell us, "Okilly Dokilly!" And because of that, this Phoenix, Arizona-based band swiped that saying as its name in order to better capture the spirit of what it is to be Flanders. Lots of bands crib their names from pop culture references, but Okilly Dokilly are actually making Flanders their entire aesthetic.

Check out their green-sweater-with-pink-polo-collar attire/glasses/mustaches...

...and their song titles that are references to important Flanders moments like this one:


"Nothing At All" is an absolute classic.

Noisey points out that the members have all taken stage names that are Ned-approved variations -- Head Ned, Red Ned, Thread Ned, Stead Ned and Bled Ned -- and their self-described genre is "Nedal." Like metal but, you know, more Neddy.

Let MTV welcome you, our new neighborinos, with an emphatic "Hi-diddly-ho!"

Aw shucks, guys. We like you, too.