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Taylor Swift And Fifth Harmony Slayed Everything In Sight Onstage In California: Watch

Their performance was 'worth it' AF.

At this point, Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour has become an unstoppable force of nature, one with its own gravitational pull that draws in a veritable #megasquad of guest performers. We've been keeping track of them (and we even made a wishlist). And last night (August 14), in Santa Clara, California, one of our dreams finally came true -- times five.

Yes, Fifth Harmony joined Tay onstage for a rendition of their massive hit "Worth It" and made one of her very own fangirl dreams come true in the process.

"Any artist that you see on the 1989 World Tour stage is here because they wanted to be out of the goodness of their own heart," Taylor said before introducing the girls. "They wanted to be here and perform you for you and to surprise you. This means they came here for free, this means they could have been doing anything else on Friday night, but they wanted to be with you and they chose Santa Clara, California to be the place they surprised."

So, like, now that everything that could have been achieved has been achieved, can we all go home now and replay these memories on loop until we get enough (which is never, by the way? The answer is, of course, NO WAY. The 1989 World Tour rolls on until December. Who will be the next surprise guest? At this point, I think it might be a Taylor Swift hologram duetting with Taylor Swift. Which would be pretty great, all things considered.

There's only one possible way this story ends: Taylor joining up and forming a supergroup called Sixth Harmony, rocking those awesome blue costumes designer Marina Toybina created specifically for FH's Reflection tour every single night. We can dream.