Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

Here's The Story Behind A$AP Rocky's @Music Takeover On Instagram

...and those Rocky collages.

Instagram launched its @Music account earlier this year, and since then, they've highlighted music-related IG accounts worth exploring. This week, A$AP Rocky took over the channel and provided us with plenty of art to enjoy in the form of colorful collages thanks in part to his creative team, AWGE.

"AWGE was created and developed primarily to encourage all artist and creatives," Rocky told MTV News through a statement. "We use Instagram as our platform to showcase it so I wanna thank Instagram['s] @music page for allowing myself and AWGE to take over."

Alex Suskind - @Music's editor - spoke with MTV News about why Rocky was such a great fit for the account.

"Basically, when A$AP started doing all that crazy stuff on his Instagram account, I guess a couple months ago, we noticed it and we loved it," he said in a phone interview conducted Thursday. "In general, the look of it and the feel of it, we thought was a really cool way to use Instagram."

Rocky's AWGE is a collective that reportedly includes different people, as Complex reported in May. One of those artists is Robert Gallardo. Rocky and Gallardo are working together on this takeover, as well, according to Suskind.

"He's collaborating on that," Suskind explained. "Rocky goes through all of the ideas with Robert. He’s the one pitching all the ideas to Robert, OKing all of the captions and making sure the look and feel of the Instagram account speaks to what he does in the music world…I know that he is fully entrenched in that whole process."

And while the A$AP Mob MC took over @Music this week, Suskind said the account is also meant to open avenues for other less-celebrated acts, as well. "We’re highlighting the A$AP Rockys and Miley Cyruses of the world," he said, "But the cool thing about it is we get to highlight artists who aren’t necessarily getting written about or people who do cool things in the music world but have other jobs as well."

It all adds up to the account's goal. "We launched @music to highlight the music community and that includes musicians, but also sound engineers, producers, music photographers, video directors," he explained. "It all fits under that ecosystem...We wanted to have a home base for people to be able to discover musicians who are doing really great things on Instagram."

So far, it looks like they're doing just that.