These Kids Paid For Their Haircuts By Reading To The Coolest Barber

In today's "guaranteed to put a smile on your face" news...

Getting a fresh new haircut is a sweet way to get stoked for back back-to-school, and last weekend, a group of kids in Dubuque, Iowa paid for theirs in a really cool way -- by reading to their barber.

The "reading-for-a-cut deal" was part of a "Resources Unite" event  put on by a group of local service groups. In addition to getting sweet new 'dos, kids who attended the event were able to take home the books they chose.

MTV News spoke with Anderson Saici, the coordinator of the event. He emphasized that helping young people is vital for the entire community. "If our kids aren’t successful, we’re not successful."


Courtney Holmes, the barber who gave kids haircuts, is a father himself and shared Saici's vision.

"For myself and Courtney, it’s really about changing the narrative for our low income kids and kids of color," said Saici. "Reading is accessible. Reading is fun. You can be successful. It was an amazing day."