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'The Keeping Room' Trailer: It's Hailee Steinfeld Vs. Sam Worthington

How about this for the wild, wild west?

A pair of drunken gunslingers wandering around and causing trouble with innocent town folk in the Civil War era wild west might be nothing new. But the same kinda guys crossing paths with a trio of women who mean "no" when they say it (and have the fire and will-power to fight back) ... now, that's something interesting.

Presenting "The Keeping Room," a southern-western concept pic starring Brit Marling as Augusta, a woman who is attacked by a couple of vicious, oft-pillaging soldiers (one of whom is played by Sam Worthington) but escapes their clutches long enough to return home where her sister (Hailee Steinfeld, returning to her star-making "True Grit" form for the pic) and maid (Muna Otaru) await unawares.

The trio of ladies then decide to arm up and prep for the arrival of their not-so-welcome tag-alongs and that's when the proverbial sh-t really starts to hit the fan.

Check out the first trailer for the flick to get a sample of the film's old school tension with a pro-fem twist.

"The Keeping Room" hits theaters with limited release on Sept. 25.