Nicki Minaj Rejects Robin Thicke In Their 'Back Together’ Video

Sorry, Robin!

Sorry, Robin Thicke, you can look, but you can't touch Nicki Minaj.

The R&B singer just released his brand-new video, "Back Together," featuring Nicki Minaj, and the hip-hop diva raps her animated verse -- “Used to call me Hillary cause I ride ’em,” -- as she dances on a couch alongside Robin.

But when Robin goes in to touch her hand, she swiftly moves it away before waving her finger at him and strutting away, looking fierce AF.

Throughout the rest of the video, Robin throws an epic pool party in Miami, giving us some serious throwback vibes. The singer gets thrown into the pool while wearing his suit and tie, but like a true pro holds onto that martini glass.

“I just heard this idea of getting back together and getting yourself back together,” Robin told "Good Morning America" of his Max Martin-produced single. “What I was going through at the time, I really related to that and connected with it. It’s more about the theme of getting yourself back together with love and partnership.”