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If Middle-Earth Had Instagram, It'd Look Something Like This

It's the one place where you never need a filter.

The world of Middle-earth looks like a paradise, thanks to the gorgeous New Zealand backdrop Peter Jackson used to create his "Lord Of The Rings" and "Hobbit" trilogies. But as much as we'd love to party with the elves or Mirkwood or the hobbits of Bag End, let's all admit that none of us would last a day there. They don't have Internet!

But if Al Gore himself descended upon the Shire and invented the Internet for everybody, we know one thing for sure: that Instagram would be the biggest social media app in all of Middle-earth. After all, there's so much to take pictures of! Here's what we think your favorite characters would be uploading for all of their followers:

  1. Frodo
    New Line Cinema

    Frodo's gone through a lot of sh-t, so we imagine he's REALLY into #ThrowbackThursday. Like, maybe too much.

  2. Bilbo
    Warner Bros.

    Dude seems like a big landscape photographer. How else to convince everyone back at the Shire that he's gone on all these amazing adventures?

  3. Aragorn
    Getty Images

    There's no way that the heir of Isildur's Instagram would not be thousands upon thousands of pictures of horses. Maybe there's also a nice picture of Arwen in there once in a while, but even then she's usually on a horse. Also she favorites every single one of his instas because of course she does.

  4. Merry and Pippin
    Getty Images

    The best Hobbit bros of all time probably share an account and do nothing but take pictures of their food. They are insanely popular.

  5. Legolas
    New Line Cinema

    Nothin' but selfies. Dude has the seasoned insta swag of a champion hair stylist, complete with occasional tutorials crosslinked on his YouTube.

  6. Eowyn
    Sideshow Collectibles

    Our queen probably can't be tied down to a specific insta theme -- she's more than just a pretty face, damn it! -- but she's probably the most enthusiastic about taking pics of her sword, armor, and shield for her adoring fans.

  7. Gollum
    New Line Cinema

    I mean, duh.